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Camping at Lackawanna State Park

Camping at Lackawanna State Park

Okay, first of all, how many of you like camping? 
We have started camping this year itself. Yes, you read it right. We have just started camping this year and have already camped FIVE times. Actually we would have done a couple more if not for work load or bad weather. And, to our surprise, we totally, absolutely, completely have fallen in love with it!
Can you believe it?

Well, out of these five, Lackawanna State Park was our very FIRST camping trip. Even though we stayed in a log cabin, it is needless to say, it was adventurous enough for us. Also, hands down the most educational one for us, not just from a camping perspective, interestingly, we got a fair idea of some of our personal skill levels too – like lighting a fire, cooking on open flame etc. 

We camped in Lackawanna for 3 nights, of which, the first night it was just my family – meaning AA, aa and me. The second night we were joined by two other friends with their families one of which left on the third day. So on the third night we were down to two families in the cabin. EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT was a different experience. Boy oh boy, did we have fun!

Lake Lackawanna 

The actual park area and the activities of the Lackawanna State Park encompasses around the lake Lackawanna. The activities in the lake includes fishing, boating, and kayaking while the activities in the park majorly comprises of hiking, biking and camping. The park also has a huge community family pool and a smallish waterpark, where both kids and adults can enjoy during the summer months. 


Our Cabin

We reached around evening on a Thursday evening. Since it was our first ever camping, we wanted to reach  while the sun is still shining. I was super excited to see the cabin as I had never stayed or seen a cabin before.  We spent the evening, trying to master the art of lighting a fire and cook on it – ate lots of grilled veggies and meat for dinner. 


Grilling for lunch

We spent the first half of the day grilling for our brunch and lazying on our hammock. When do we ever get to do that at home, so why not at a camp, right?

Lazying on a hammock

Come evening, our cabin was probably the biggest brouhaha on the block. We were three families in one cabin! Hands down that night, our cabin had the most elaborate dinner on the block as well. Guess what, we had grilled marshmallows on our fire pit and made S’mores for dessert toooo!!! 



This was the best day of all. The cabin was bubbling with fun, food, energy and laughter. We grilled, played badminton, posed for photos, ate a ton of food, went boating on the lake, swam in the community pool, and cooked Indian food dinner on open fire with pouring rain! Yes, WE DID IT ALL. Can you believe it?

Boating on Lake Lackawanna


After a power-packed third day, the plan for the fourth day was to just pack and leave. And that is exactly what we did. No breakfast, no stop overs, with just a coffee on the go, we headed back home. Ordered in a pizza for brunch and curled up on the couch to wrap up the crazy camping weekend.

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