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Who am I?

Hello & Welcome to my Culinary World!

I am Debleena. Alternatively, you can call me Debbie/Deb if you want to make your life simpler. I am a self-taught, Food Network-taught, Youtube video-taught, multiple cookbooks/e-books-taught, several other food blogs-taught enthusiastic cook. I am also the recipe developer, the food photographer, the content creator and everything else behind this website. In fact this blog-site is a huge part of my internet world where I spend a significant amount of time everyday trying to nurture and grow it like my second child.

I live in New Jersey with my husband Abhishek (whom I refer to as AA in my blogs) and our son Aarav (whom I refer to as aa in my blogs). After procrastinating forever, I finally took my first step into the culinary world giving up my day job as a Transportation Planner. The whole concept of living in the world of food – grocery shopping, cooking, clicking, reading, writing and endlessly jabbering about food gives me the most intoxicating high of my life. Right now, this blog is only about a month old (started in April 2017) and in a very nascent stage but I hope to transform it into my creative outlet for my passions in life.

I unveiled the joy of cooking only after I had a kitchen of my own and soon realized that cooking is nothing but an art form. It is supremely creative and therapeutic if you are in love with it. Being a food enthusiast, I have an unlimited appetite for not just all types of food/cuisines, but also learning new recipes and cooking styles . Kitchen is that places in the house where my creative juices flow, more often than not – overflow. I love cooking anything that I would enjoy eating myself. Being an Indian, I have a special flair for spicy food. A good plate of ‘Kolkata-style‘ Mutton Biryani can melt me down to my knees any day. That being said, I love to explore all the cuisines of the world and dream of mastering French Cuisine someday. I am also a sucker for seafood and wine. 

That apart, in life, painting, listening and reading(mostly cookbooks now) are my favorite hobbies. I love to travel and experience new cultures, click pictures, day dream about food and spend quality time with my family. 

Hope you find enough interesting recipes as per your taste.
Thanks for stopping by!

What is Contempo?

Contempo (meaning Contemporary) is a culinary initiative born out of the intense urge to spread the joy of my cooking to the world both virtually and physically. Virtually in the form of this blog and physically by hosting unique pop-up supper clubs and private cheffing for events. It is my haven of good food, one that I have created for the sole purpose of my culinary creations. 

A passionate painter at heart and a trained Architect,  ‘Art’ and ‘Creativity’ have been the guiding principles at every step of the way in my life. Contempo is, therefore, a Private Kitchen which essentially focusses on Contemporary Culinary Art by filling up the plate with wonderful combinations and creative styles.

Being an Indian, globalizing Indian cuisine is one of my main goals but that does not limit the scope of my blog to just Indian food. Creating unique recipes and giving a much-needed face-lift to the heirloom recipes are also an important part of this effort. In fact, to me, food like all other forms of art is beyond the limitations of any boundary. The only language which describes food is the language of taste, flavor, innovation and happiness. My blog also aims to feature all the recipes that I develop/have developed/will develop under various circumstances, experiments, culinary experiences, and travel.
Each of them are kitchen-tested, tasted and reviewed before sharing with you all. 

Food is more than survival. With it, we make friends, court lovers, and count our blessings.

The universal language of food transcends age, ethnicity, gender, and class. Food is the common language that binds a community, brings people together and strike up a conversation surpassing all barriers since time immemorial. No celebration is complete without food. Thus, to me, the privilege of being able to share the joy of my food with the world is, ‘Moksha’.